How to make money with your art ?

Warning  fro those who does the art of pure idealism and joy should not read further. The following lines are for people like me. For people who want to become a professional painter (and not a evening painter ).

It is very often seen and said that passion or hobby can only make a very viable career. The truth is that while some artists have no major problems selling their works, others literally struggle for their place in the sun. An illustrative example is the life story of Rembrandt van Rijn. A painter who is generally perceived as enterprising, successful and famous even during his life. At the age of 35 he was at the height of fame, but after the death of his wife, Rembrandt's life vexation broke. More painted for his pleasure, less cared for orders. When financial crisis came in 1657, Rembrandt had to announce bankruptcy. He sold collections of his paintings. He lived in material shortage for the last years of life.

Like most people who are absorbed in art, I'm not an exception, and like everyone else who wants to be financially independent, I'm always looking for ways how to how to earn money with my art work.

The advantage to all of us may be the fact that the time we live in provides us with all that we need. Thanks to modern information technologies, the world has shrunk considerably and everyone has access to information that was previously available only to insiders (art school students, etc.). etc. From this fact however it follows that competition is high and successfully selling art or other works of art is not so simple.

In my quest for ways to transform my own art into a stable living, I came across a great bestseller by Napoleon Hill - Think and grow rich. The book presents concrete steps and procedures to get to the dream goal.
(Money Lisa)

This led me to the idea of ​​writing this short tutorial, in which you will find an overview of the current options for making your own work more visible, gaining public interest and thus increasing the chances of getting any financial support that can kick off your professional artist career. Not all of us have so much time to die and wait for two hundred years to become famous

1. Create a social network account. Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twiter, etc. are among the strongest media in the world today. You can sign up for closed groups where people interested in a particular artistic activity gather, share your work, discuss and get inspired by others. Many artists with their own account are open to discussion and like to share their own knowledge. The possibilities to draw information online are almost limitless!

2. Create your own website and your own online gallery. Creating your own website has never been easier! Servers such as offer a reasonable price for creating sites that can be exaggerated to compete with professionally created sites. Create electronic publications and tutorials, share your knowledge with others.

3. Address the gallery, quality stone galleries have their own circle of people interested in art. However, the gallery owner will help you sell the work, however, it is necessary to count on sales commissions.

4. Do you have an artwork but do not want to sell the original for any reason? Take advantage of the printing site offers. It will create quality reproductions of your works on canvas or any other chosen support so your work will be available to someone who cannot afford the original.

5. Start a crowdfunding project or startup. Offer people a service and you will surely find someone to support you .


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